Company introduction

Givi intercultural communication company is a professional organization that has engaged in cultural communication between China and western countries, and oversea affairs. It’s an official member of IAPA organization, and have been dedicated to offering best intercultural communication activity service for Chinese customs for many years. Givi Intercultural communication cooperates with multinational Au Pair Associations in Europe, Australia, and the Americas as well as overseas educational institutions, universities, and cultural exchanges, and communicates with more than 50 countries and more than 180 international cultural exchanges, possessing extensive international educational resources and rich industry experience.


与缘相遇 与爱同行

The Au Pair first originated from spontaneous youth activities in Britain, France, and Germany. It aims to provide young people from all over the world with an opportunity to experience culture and language learning in host families in other countries.Young foreign students in order to learn a specific language and know about their culture, boarding in high-end families, experiencing local customs, language and culture in no distance. Givi company invites young western scholars who are very interested in Chinese culture to enter Chinese families and coexist with the family.

Feel the lifestyle of the Asians and help develop their English language skills while enhancing their international competitiveness. At the same time lay the foundation for your family travel and children's study abroad and exchange, to show the world the charm of China which is full of hope and imagination!

To sum up, the potential consumer market, the growth of the national economy, and the full range of the Internet have affected the entire Chinese economy employment, and the rapid growth of GDP, have enabled SMEs with more than 60% of tax revenues to be energized. Welcome to experience the international culture exchange program in China!

Preferential conditions and life guarantee

Responsibilities and Application conditions

与缘相遇 与爱同行


  • 1Provides no more than 30 working hours per week, and has two days of paid vacations per week, in addition, one day of paid holiday each month.
  • 2Accompany family children to learn English during play (English-style communication, exercise with children, developing hobbies, counseling homework, preparing simple meals for children, etc.)
  • 3Bring the fine culture of your own country to families especially to children.

Application conditions

  • 1Age between 18 to 27healthy and positive young foreign scholars with no criminal record;
  • 2Above high school education;
  • 3Submit no criminal proof, health certificate, passport scan, project application form, academic certificate and language certificate.
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